Featured Profile — November!

Introducing Rafaela


Name: Rafaela.

Age: 25.

Location: Lisbon.

Occupation: Photojournalist and Video Producer.

If you had to pick three words that define you, what would they be? : Funny, adventurous and a perfectionist.

How long have you been on Only Women? : I’ve been on Only Women for 10 months.

Favourite color: I prefer black, even though mate colours are always my first pick.

Favourite food: I’m vegetarian since I was born, I love tofu my family have a vegetarian restaurant in Portugal , Algarve , Portimao, so I learned how to make a real good tofu recipe.

If you were to surprise someone with a fact about you, what would it be?: I speak 4 languages and play 5 different instruments, both the languages and the instruments I learned by myself.

How do you like to pass your free time?: I like to read, take photos and produce videos also go outside , travel get to know new cultures and people.

What kind of person are you looking for on Only Women?: Someone with a good character / personality, chill but responsible, with good humour.

What is your ideal first date? : Go somewhere where we can enjoy the view and share our interests, then later at night have a nice dinner in a local restaurant or go to a jazz bar.

What is the last country you have visited ?: United States.

What item in your closet do you wear the most ?: My red and black baseball jacket.

Who are your heroes?: Every single person that that is selfless enough to help someone in need with no interest other than show love to those who need.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on a date?: The girl I was supposed to meet arrived overdressed with high heels and everything to a park. I passed all the date trying to find a place for us to sit down, she looked like she was in pain . Please girls just keep it simple.

What is your greatest indulgence : Workout and travel

What quote do you live by : “One day your life will flash before your eyes…make sure is worth watching”

What is on your bucket list?: To become a National Geographic photographer.

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